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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2019Fundamentals of the coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of thermo-active retaining wallsSailer, E; Taborda, D; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, D; Geotechnical Consulting Group, et al
1-Jun-2019Ability of a pore network model to predict fluid flow and drag in saturated granular materialsSufian, A; Knight, C; O'Sullivan, C; Van Wachem, B; Dini, D, et al
26-Jun-2019Quality assessment of a new in-mould slurry deposition method for triaxial specimen reconstitution of clean and silty sandsDominguez-Quintans, C; Quinteros, VS; Carraro, JAH; Zdravkovic, L; Jardine, RJ
26-Jun-2019Thermally induced pore water pressure of reconstituted London clayChen, S; Zdravkovic, L; Harb Carraro, JA
1-Apr-2019Time-step constraints for finite element analysis of two-dimensional transient heat diffusionCui, W; Gawecka, KA; Taborda, D; Potts, DM; Zdravkovic, L, et al
1-Feb-2019Evolving pore orientation, shape and size in sheared granular assembliesSufian, A; Russell, AR; Whittle, AJ
18-Apr-2019What is the smallest earthquake magnitude that needs to be considered in assessing liquefaction hazard?Green, R; Bommer, J
31-May-2019A probabilistic model to evaluate options for mitigating induced seismic riskVan Elk, J; Bourne, SJ; Oates, SJ; Bommer, JJ; Pinho, R, et al
17-Apr-2019An improved framework for discriminating seismicity induced by industrial activities from natural earthquakesVerdon, JP; Baptie, BJ; Bommer, J
1-Jan-2019Grading evolution and critical state in a discrete numerical model of Fontainebleau sandCiantia, M; Arroyo, M; O'Sullivan, C; Gens, A; Liu, T