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12-Sep-2016Investigating soil-water retention characteristics at high suctions using Relative Humidity controlMantikos, V; Ackerley, S; Kirkham, AD; Tsiampousi, A; Taborda, DMG, et al
19-Jun-2016Characterisation of the initial stiffness of Coimbra Sand - Batch ISantos, P; Pedro, A; Coelho, P; Araujo Santos, L; Taborda, DMG
19-Jun-2016Influence of the variability of Coimbra Sand index properties on its permeabilityAraujo Santos, L; Coelho, PALF; Taborda, DMG
19-Jun-2016Potential sources of error in bender element testing of reconstituted sand samplesPedro, A; Santos, P; Araujo Santos, L; Coelho, P; Taborda, DMG
31-Aug-2016Vertical ground motion and its effects on liquefaction resistance of fully saturated sand depositsTsaparli, V; Kontoe, S; Taborda, D; Potts, DM
5-Apr-2016Numerical analysis of coupled thermo-hydraulic problems in geotechnical engineeringCui, W; Gawecka, KA; Potts, DM; Taborda, DMG; Zdravkovic, L
22-Jun-2016Numerical investigation of the response of the Yele rockfill dam during the 2008 Wenchuan EarthquakeHan, B; Zdravkovic, L; Kontoe, S; Taborda, D
7-Jan-2016Partition of the contact force network obtained in discrete element simulations of element testsHuang, X; O'Sullivan, C; Hanley, KJ; Kwok, C-Y
17-Nov-2016Energy-based evaluation of liquefaction potential under non-uniform cyclic loadingAzeiteiro, RN; Coelho, PALF; Taborda, DMG; Grazina, JCD
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