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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jun-2015ZnO nanorod arrays as electron injection layers for efficient organic light emitting diodesFaria, JCD; Campbell, AJ; McLachlan, MA
19-Sep-2015Broadband spin-controlled focusing via logarithmic-spiral nanoslits of varying widthMehmood, MQ; Liu, H; Huang, K; Mei, S; Danner, A, et al
20-Jan-2015Absorption threshold extended to 1.15eV using InGaAs/GaAsP quantum wells for over-50%-efficient lattice-matched quad-junction solar cellsToprasertpong, K; Fujii, H; Thomas, T; Fuehrer, M; Alonso-Alvarez, D, et al
9-Dec-2015Multifunctional semiconductor micro-Hall devices for magnetic, electric, and photo-detectionGilbertson, AM; Sadeghi, H; Panchal, V; Kazakova, O; Lambert, CJ, et al
1-Jun-2015Low-voltage polymer/small-molecule blend organic thin-film transistors and circuits fabricated via spray depositionHunter, BS; Ward, JW; Payne, MM; Anthony, JE; Jurchescu, OD, et al
13-Oct-2015High-entropy mixtures of pristine fullerenes for solution-processed transistors and solar cellsMendaza, ADDZ; Melianas, A; Rossbauer, S; Backe, O; Nordstierna, L, et al
18-Nov-2015Study of the Hole Transport Processes in Solution-Processed Layers of the Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Copper(I) Thiocyanate (CuSCN)Pattanasattayavong, P; Mottram, AD; Yan, F; Anthopoulos, TD
13-Jul-2015Dipolar resonances in conductive carbon micro-fibers probed by near-field terahertz spectroscopyKhromova, I; Navarro-Cia, M; Brener, I; Reno, JL; Ponomarev, A, et al
13-Feb-2015Signatures of Quantized Energy States in Solution-Processed Ultrathin Layers of Metal-Oxide Semiconductors and Their DevicesLabram, JG; Lin, Y-H; Zhao, K; Li, R; Thomas, SR, et al
27-May-2013Impact of individual atmospheric parameters on CPV system power, energy yield and cost of energyChan, NLA; Brindley, HE; Ekins-Daukes, NJ