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14-Dec-2015Inverted polymer fullerene solar cells exceeding 10% efficiency with poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) nanodots on electron-collecting buffer layersNam, S; Seo, J; Woo, S; Kim, WH; Kim, H, et al
15-Jan-2016Strong molecular weight effects of gate-insulating memory polymers in low-voltage organic nonvolatile memory transistors with outstanding retention characteristicsSeo, J; Nam, S; Kim, H; Anthopoulos, TD; Bradley, DDC, et al
9-Nov-2010Spray-Deposited Li-Doped ZnO Transistors with Electron Mobility Exceeding 50 cm(2)/VsAdamopoulos, G; Bashir, A; Thomas, S; Gillin, WP; Georgakopoulos, S, et al
12-Mar-2008Charge carrier formation in polythiophene/fullerene blend films studied by transient absorption spectroscopyOhkita, H; Cook, S; Astuti, Y; Duffy, W; Tierney, S, et al
5-Jun-2009High-Performance Zinc Oxide Transistors and Circuits Fabricated by Spray Pyrolysis in Ambient AtmosphereBashir, A; Woebkenberg, PH; Smith, J; Ball, JM; Adamopoulos, G, et al
6-Jul-2015Copper thiocyanate: an attractive hole transport/extraction layer for use in organic photovoltaic cellsTreat, ND; Yaacobi-Gross, N; Faber, H; Perumal, AK; Bradley, DDC, et al
16-Jun-2015Efficient organic solar cells using copper(I) iodide (CuI) hole transport layersPeng, Y; Yaacobi-Gross, N; Perumal, AK; Faber, HA; Vourlias, G, et al
11-Jan-2012Competition between the Charge Transfer State and the Singlet States of Donor or Acceptor Limiting the Efficiency in Polymer:Fullerene Solar CellsFaist, MA; Kirchartz, T; Gong, W; Ashraf, RS; McCulloch, I, et al
25-Sep-2014High-efficiency organic photovoltaic cells based on the solution-processable hole transporting interlayer copper thiocyanate (CuSCN) as a replacement for PEDOT:PSSYaacobi-Gross, N; Treat, ND; Pattanasattayavong, P; Faber, H; Perumal, AK, et al
29-Jun-2016Spectroscopic properties of poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) thin films possessing varied fractions of -phase chain segments: enhanced photoluminescence efficiency via conformation structuringPerevedentsev, A; Chander, N; Kim, J-S; Bradley, DDC