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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2005Solution processible organic transistors and circuits based on a C-70 methanofullereneAnthopoulos, TD; de Leeuw, DM; Cantatore, E; van 't Hof, P; Alma, J, et al
1-Jan-2007Subpicosecond photoinduced Stark spectroscopy in fullerene-based devicesCabanillas-Gonzalez, J; Virgili, T; Gambetta, A; Luer, L; Lanzani, G, et al
10-Sep-2007Electro-optical circuits based on light-sensing ambipolar organic field-effect transistorsAnthopoulos, TD
15-Aug-2003Alternating current conduction properties of thermally evaporated alpha-nickel phthalocyanine thin films: Effects of oxygen doping and thermal annealingAnthopoulos, TD; Shafai, TS
23-Oct-2009The effect of columnar defects on the pinning properties of NdFeAsO0.85 conglomerate particlesMoore, JD; Cohen, LF; Yeshurun, Y; Caplin, AD; Morrison, K, et al
12-Mar-2008Charge carrier formation in polythiophene/fullerene blend films studied by transient absorption spectroscopyOhkita, H; Cook, S; Astuti, Y; Duffy, W; Tierney, S, et al
30-Jun-2003Highly efficient single-layer dendrimer light-emitting diodes with balanced charge transportAnthopoulos, TD; Markham, JPJ; Namdas, EB; Samuel, IDW; Lo, SC, et al
1-May-2001Microwave surface resistance in MgB2Zhukov, AA; Cohen, LF; Yates, K; Perkins, GK; Bugoslavsky, Y, et al
5-Jun-2009High-Performance Zinc Oxide Transistors and Circuits Fabricated by Spray Pyrolysis in Ambient AtmosphereBashir, A; Woebkenberg, PH; Smith, J; Ball, JM; Adamopoulos, G, et al
30-Aug-2004Tuning of emission color for blue dendrimer blend light-emitting diodesMarkham, JPJ; Namdas, EB; Anthopoulos, TD; Samuel, IDW; Richards, GJ, et al