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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2009Panorganismal metabolic response modeling of an experimental Echinostoma caproni infection in the mouse.Saric, J; Li, JV; Wang, Y; Keiser, J; Veselkov, K, et al
8-Jul-2014K-OPLS package: Kernel-based orthogonal projections to latent structures for prediction and interpretation in feature spaceBylesjo, M; Rantalainen, M; Nicholson, JK; Holmes, E; Trygg, J
19-Mar-2015The vaginal microbiome during pregnancy and the postpartum period in a European populationMacIntyre, DA; Chandiramani, M; Lee, YS; Kindinger, L; Smith, A, et al
27-Feb-2008Phylometabonomic Patterns of Adaptation to High Fat Diet Feeding in Inbred MiceFearnside, JF; Dumas, M-E; Rothwell, AR; Wilder, SP; Cloarec, O, et al
23-Dec-2014Effect of maternal body mass index on hormones in breast milk: a systematic review.Andreas, NJ; Hyde, MJ; Gale, C; Parkinson, JR; Jeffries, S, et al
30-Oct-2013MetaboNetworks, an interactive Matlab-based toolbox for creating, customizing and exploring sub-networks from KEGG.Posma, JM; Robinette, SL; Holmes, E; Nicholson, JK
1-Jun-2010Urinary Metabolic Phenotyping Differentiates Children with Autism from Their Unaffected Siblings and Age-Matched ControlsYap, IKS; Angley, M; Veselkov, KA; Holmes, E; Lindon, JC, et al
1-Jul-2010Systems parasitology: effects of Fasciola hepatica on the neurochemical profile in the rat brainSaric, J; Li, JV; Utzinger, J; Wang, Y; Keiser, J, et al
31-Mar-2013Diet composition and activity level of at risk and metabolically healthy obese American adults.Hankinson, AL; Daviglus, ML; Van Horn, L; Chan, Q; Brown, I, et al
30-Apr-2012Genetic determinants of metabolism in health and disease: from biochemical genetics to genome-wide associationsRobinette, SL; Holmes, E; Nicholson, JK; Dumas, ME