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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-May-2016Clustered intracellular Salmonella Typhimurium Blocks Host Cell CytokinesisSantos, A; Durkin, C; Helaine, S; Boucrot, E; Holden, DW
14-Apr-2016A Patient-Centered Framework for Evaluating Digital Maturity of Health Services: A Systematic ReviewFlott, K; Callahan, R; Darzi, A; Mayer, E
1-Jun-2016Evaluation of geospatial methods to generate subnational HIV prevalence estimates for local level planningHallett, TB; Anderson, S-J; Asante, CA; Bartlett, N; Bendaud, V, et al
1-Mar-2015Anaemia in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: an insight into its prevalence and pathophysiologyBoutou, AK; Hopkinson, NS; Polkey, MI
13-Feb-2012Effect of Aspirin on Vascular and Nonvascular OutcomesSeshasai, SRK; Wijesuriya, S; Sivakumaran, R; Nethercott, S; Erqou, S, et al
2-Apr-2016Trends in adult body-mass index in 200 countries from 1975 to 2014: a pooled analysis of 1698 population-based measurement studies with 19.2 million participantsDi Cesare, M; Bentham, J; Stevens, GA; Zhou, B; Danaei, G, et al
6-Apr-2016Worldwide trends in diabetes since 1980: a pooled analysis of 751 population-based studies with 4·4 million participantsZhou, B; Lu, Y; Hajifathalian, K; Bentham, J; Di Cesare, M, et al
1-Apr-2016Meta-analysis of 49 549 individuals imputed with the 1000 Genomes Project reveals an exonic damaging variant in ANGPTL4 determining fasting TG levelsVan Leeuwen, EM; Sabo, A; Bis, JC; Huffman, JE; Manichaikul, A, et al
28-Apr-2016The dimeric architecture of checkpoint kinases Mec1ATR and Tel1ATM reveal a common structural organisation.Sawicka, M; Wanrooij, PH; Darbari, VC; Tannous, E; Hailemariam, S, et al
12-Apr-2016Targeted delivery of C/EBPα -saRNA by pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma-specific RNA aptamers inhibits tumor growth in vivoYoon, S; Huang, KW; Reebye, V; Mintz, P; Tien, YW, et al