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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2007Forecasting the Bayes factor of a future observationTrotta, R
1-Jul-2007Implications for the Constrained MSSM from a new prediction for b to s gammaRoszkowski, L; Austri, RRD; Trotta, R
21-Nov-2007Bayesian galaxy shape measurement for weak lensing surveys - I. Methodology and a fast-fitting algorithmMiller, L; Kitching, TD; Heymans, C; Heavens, AF; Van Waerbeke, L
21-Sep-2007On model selection forecasting, dark energy and modified gravityHeavens, AF; Kitching, TD; Verde, L
1-Apr-2007Dissecting the cosmic infrared background with 3D instrumentsClements, DL; Isaak, KG; Madden, SC; Pearson, C; Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), et al
21-Dec-2007Bayesian calibrated significance levels applied to the spectral tilt and hemispherical asymmetryGordon, C; Trotta, R
1-Apr-2007On the detectability of the CMSSM light Higgs boson at the TevatronRoszkowski, L; de Austri, RR; Trotta, R
11-Jun-2007Applications of Bayesian model selection to cosmological parametersTrotta, R
21-Jul-2007Bayesian Evidence for a cosmological constant using new high-redshift supernova dataSerra, P; Heavens, A; Melchiorri, A
11-Feb-2007The isocurvature fraction after WMAP 3-yr dataTrotta, R