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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Apr-2004WMAP constraints on varying alpha and the promise of reionizationMartins, CJAP; Melchiorri, A; Rocha, G; Trotta, R; Avelino, PP, et al
11-Feb-2004Spot sizes on Sun-like starsSolanki, SK; Unruh, YC
11-Mar-2004Multisite observations of SU AurigaeUnruh, YC; Donati, JF; Oliveira, JM; Cameron, AC; Catala, C, et al
1-Mar-2004Large-scale power in the CMB and new physics: An analysis using Bayesian model comparisonNiarchou, A; Jaffe, AH; Pogosian, L
1-Oct-2004The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: spherical harmonics analysis of fluctuations in the final cataloguePercival, WJ; Burkey, D; Heavens, A; Taylor, A; Cole, S, et al
11-Jan-2004The bispectrum of the Lyman alpha forest at z similar to 2-2.4 from a large sample of UVES QSO absorption spectra (LUQAS)Viel, M; Matarrese, S; Heavens, A; Haehnelt, MG; Kim, TS, et al
11-Dec-2004The mass function of the stellar component of galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyPanter, B; Heavens, AF; Jimenez, R
11-Jul-2004Discovery of a WO star in the Scutum-Crux arm of the inner GalaxyDrew, JE; Barlow, MJ; Unruh, YC; Parker, QA; Wesson, R, et al
21-Jul-2004Measuring alpha in the early Universe: cosmic microwave background polarization, re-ionization and the Fisher matrix analysisRocha, G; Trotta, R; Martins, CJAP; Melchiorri, A; Avelino, PP, et al
22-Dec-2004Constraints on a mixed inflaton and curvaton scenario for the generation of the curvature perturbationLazarides, G; Ruiz de Austri, R; Trotta, R