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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2003Recent results from the MAXIMA experimentJaffe, AH; Abroe, M; Borrill, J; Collins, J; Ferreira, P, et al
1-Dec-2003Predicting the polarization of the microwave background from the WMAP temperature mapsJaffe, AH
1-Dec-2003MAXIPOL: a balloon-borne experiment for measuring the polarization anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiationJohnson, BR; Abroe, ME; Ade, P; Bock, J; Borrill, J, et al
21-Aug-20033D weak lensingHeavens, A
21-Aug-2003Star formation and metallicity history of the SDSS galaxy survey: unlocking the fossil recordPanter, B; Heavens, AF; Jimenez, R
29-Sep-2003An estimate of Omega(m) without conventional priorsFeldman, H; Juszkiewicz, R; Ferreira, P; Davis, M; Gaztanaga, E, et al
31-Mar-2003Cosmological constant and general isocurvature initial conditionsTrotta, R; Riazuelo, A; Durrer, R
1-Nov-2003The cosmological constant and the paradigm of adiabaticityTrotta, R