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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2005Indication for primordial anisotropies in the neutrino background from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and the Sloan digital sky surveyTrotta, R; Melchiorri, A
8-Apr-2004WMAP constraints on varying alpha and the promise of reionizationMartins, CJAP; Melchiorri, A; Rocha, G; Trotta, R; Avelino, PP, et al
1-May-2008Finding evidence for massive neutrinos using 3D weak lensingKitching, TD; Heavens, AF; Verde, L; Serra, P; Melchiorri, A
21-Jul-2004Measuring alpha in the early Universe: cosmic microwave background polarization, re-ionization and the Fisher matrix analysisRocha, G; Trotta, R; Martins, CJAP; Melchiorri, A; Avelino, PP, et al
1-Aug-2002The impact of an extra background of relativistic particles on the cosmological parameters derived from the cosmic microwave backgroundBowen, R; Hansen, SH; Melchiorri, A; Silk, J; Trotta, R
15-Jul-2002Measuring alpha in the early universe: CMB temperature, large-scale structure, and Fisher matrix analysisMartins, CJAP; Melchiorri, A; Trotta, R; Bean, R; Rocha, G, et al
21-Jul-2007Bayesian Evidence for a cosmological constant using new high-redshift supernova dataSerra, P; Heavens, A; Melchiorri, A
27-Apr-2000A flat universe from high-resolution maps of the cosmic microwave background radiationDe Bernardis, P; Ade, PAR; Bock, JJ; Bond, JR; Borrill, J, et al