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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2009RESOLVED DUST EMISSION IN A QUASAR AT z=3.65Clements, DL; Petitpas, G; Farrah, D; Hatziminaoglou, E; Babbedge, T, et al
29-Oct-2009On the nature of the first galaxies selected at 350 μmKhan, SA; Chanial, PF; Willner, SP; Pearson, CP; Ashby, MLN, et al
9-Jun-2009Indirect dark matter detection from dwarf satellites: joint expectations from astrophysics and supersymmetryMartinez, GD; Bullock, JS; Kaplinghat, M; Strigari, LE; Trotta, R
26-Aug-2009Prospects for dark matter detection with IceCube in the context of the CMSSMTrotta, R; Ruiz de Austri, R; De los Heros, CP
23-Nov-2009Reconstructing WIMP properties in direct detection experiments including galactic dark matter distribution uncertaintiesStrigari, LE; Trotta, R
21-Jul-2009How flat can you get ? A model comparison perspective on the curvature of the UniverseVardanyan, M; Trotta, R; Silk, J
21-Feb-2009Accurate estimators of power spectra in N-body simulationsColombi, S; Jaffe, A; Novikov, D; Pichon, C
1-Oct-2009Discovery of a redshift 6.13 quasar in the UKIRT infrared deep sky surveyMortlock, DJ; Patel, M; Warren, SJ; Venemans, BP; McMahon, RG, et al
21-Oct-2009Photometric constraints on white dwarfs and the identification of extreme objectsMortlock, DJ; Peiris, HV; Ivezic, Z;
1-Jan-2009Bayesian Methods in CosmologyTrotta, R; , et al