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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2007Implications for the Constrained MSSM from a new prediction for b to s gammaRoszkowski, L; Austri, RRD; Trotta, R
1-Apr-2007On the detectability of the CMSSM light Higgs boson at the TevatronRoszkowski, L; de Austri, RR; Trotta, R
1-Dec-2008The impact of priors and observables on parameter inferences in the constrained MSSMTrotta, R; Feroz, F; Hobson, M; Roszkowski, L; De Austri, RR
28-Nov-2008On prospects for dark matter indirect detection in the Constrained MSSMRoszkowski, L; Austri, RRD; Silk, J; Trotta, R
3-May-2006A Markov chain Monte Carlo analysis of the CMSSMDe Austri, RR; Trotta, R; Roszkowski, L
1-Mar-2007Prospects for direct dark matter detection in the constrained MSSMTrotta, R; Ruiz de Austri, R; Roszkowski, L