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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2017The Herschel-ATLAS: a sample of 500 mu m- selected lensed galaxies over 600 deg(2)Negrello, M; Amber, S; Amvrosiadis, A; Cai, Z-Y; Lapi, A, et al
10-Oct-2017Stacked average far-infrared spectrum of dusty star-forming galaxies from the Herschel/SPIRE Fourier Transform SpectrometerWilson, D; Cooray, A; Nayyeri, H; Bonato, M; Bradford, CM, et al
11-Sep-2017On the statistics of proto-cluster candidates detected in the Planck all-sky surveyNegrello, M; Gonzalez-Nuevo, J; De Zotti, G; Bonato, M; Cai, ZY, et al
27-Nov-2017Planck intermediate results LII. Planet flux densitiesAkrami, Y; Ashdown, M; Aumont, J; Baccigalupi, C; Ballardini, M, et al
28-Feb-2017Planck intermediate results L. Evidence of spatial variation of the polarized thermal dust spectral energy distribution and implications for CMB B-mode analysisAghanim, N; Ashdown, M; Aumont, J; Baccigalupi, C; Ballardini, M, et al
20-Nov-2017Planck intermediate results LI. Features in the cosmic microwave background temperature power spectrum and shifts in cosmological parametersAghanim, N; Akrami, Y; Ashdown, M; Aumont, J; Baccigalupi, C, et al