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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2017When supercomputers go over to the dark sideWhite, M; Scott, P; Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
13-Apr-2017Early cosmology constrainedVerde, L; Bellini, E; Pigozzo, C; Heavens, AF; Jimenez, R, et al
31-Jan-2016Dark matter annihilation factors in the Milky Way's dwarf spheroidal galaxiesBonnivard, V; Combet, C; Maurin, D; Walker, MG; Geringer-Sameth, A, et al
12-Jan-2018SpecBit, DecayBit and PrecisionBit: GAMBIT modules for computing mass spectra, particle decay rates and precision observablesAthron, P; Balazs, C; Dal, LA; Edsjo, J; Farmer, B, et al
31-Oct-2018Metallicity-dependent signatures in the Kepler planetsOwen, JE; Murray-Clay, R; The Royal Society
22-Jun-2016Generalisations of Fisher MatricesHeavens, A
20-Sep-2016Planck 2015 results XVII. Constraints on primordial non-GaussianityAde, PAR; Aghanim, N; Arnaud, M; Arrojam, F; Ashdown, M, et al
1-Mar-2019The gravitational and lensing-ISW bispectrum of 21 cm radiationSchmit, CJ; Heavens, AF; Pritchard, JR; Commission of the European Communities
-Investigating subphotospheric dissipation in gamma-ray bursts using joint Fermi-Swift observationsAhlgren, B; Larrson, J; Valan, V; Mortlock, D; Ryde, F, et al
24-Jan-2019The ISM properties and gas kinematics of a redshift 3 massive dusty star-forming galaxyLeung, TKD; Riechers, DA; Baker, AJ; Clements, DL; Cooray, A, et al