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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2018Awakening the BALROG: bayesian location reconstruction of GRBsBurgess, JM; Yu, HF; Greiner, J; Mortlock, DJ; Imperial College Trust, et al
21-Apr-2017Observations of the Lyman series forest towards the redshift 7.1 quasar ULAS J1120+0641Barnett, R; Warren, SJ; Becker, GD; Mortlock, DJ; Hewett, PC, et al
24-Oct-2018Fast sampling from Wiener posteriors for image data with dataflow enginesJeffrey, N; Heavens, AF; Fortio, PD
21-Nov-2017GAMBIT: The Global and Modular Beyond-the-Standard-Model Inference ToolCollaboration, TGAMBIT; Athron, P; Balazs, C; Bringmann, T; Buckley, A, et al
27-Mar-2017Unequal-time correlators for cosmologyKitching, TD; Heavens, AF; Imperial College Trust; Science and Technology Facilities Council; Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
3-Jun-2016Bayesian analysis of cosmic ray propagation: evidence against homogeneous diffusionJohannesson, G; De Austri, RR; Vincent, AC; Moskalenko, IV; Orlando, E, et al
21-Nov-2017FlavBit: A GAMBIT module for computing flavour observables and likelihoodsBernlochner, FU; Chrzaszcz, M; Dal, LA; Farmer, B; Jackson, P, et al
28-Sep-2016Ultracompact Minihalos as Probes of Inflationary CosmologyAslanyan, G; Price, LC; Adams, J; Bringmann, T; Clark, HA, et al
4-Nov-2016Updated constraints on velocity and momentum-dependent asymmetric dark matterVincent, AC; Scott, P; Serenelli, A
22-Nov-2017ColliderBit: a GAMBIT module for the calculation of high-energy collider observables and likelihoodsBalazs, C; Buckley, A; Dal, LA; Farmer, B; Jackson, P, et al