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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2016Planck 2015 results XX. Constraints on inflationAde, PAR; Aghanim, N; Arnaud, M; Arroja, F; Ashdown, M, et al
30-Dec-2015The HerMES submillimetre local and low-redshift luminosity functionsMarchetti, L; Vaccari, M; Franceschini, A; Arumugam, V; Aussel, H, et al
-The Herschel-SPIRE Legacy Survey (HSLS): the scientific goals of a shallow and wide submillimeter imaging survey with SPIRECooray, A; Eales, S; Chapman, S; Clements, DL; Dore, O, et al
-Exploring Dark Energy with Next-Generation Photometric Redshift SurveysZhan, H; Albrecht, A; Cooray, A; Habib, S; Heavens, A, et al
-Statistical techniques in cosmologyHeavens, A
-The Case for Deep, Wide-Field CosmologyScranton, R; Albrecht, A; Caldwell, R; Cooray, A; Dore, O, et al
31-Dec-2011Cosmology with Gravitational LensingHeavens, A
1-Aug-2017The limits of cosmic shearKitching, TD; Alsing, J; Heavens, AF; Jimenez, R; McEwen, JD, et al
28-Feb-2019Bayesian photometric redshifts of blended sourcesJones, DM; Heavens, AF; Science and Technology Facilities Council
8-Nov-2016DARWIN: towards the ultimate dark matter detectorAalbers, J; Agostini, F; Alfonsi, M; Amaro, FD; Amsler, C, et al