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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2010THE AGES OF TYPE Ia SUPERNOVA PROGENITORSBrandt, TD; Tojeiro, R; Aubourg, E; Heavens, A; Jimenez, R, et al
1-Feb-2010A new approach to probing primordial non-GaussianityMunshi, D; Heavens, A
1-May-2012Reconstruction of total solar irradiance 1974-2009Ball, WT; Unruh, YC; Krivova, NA; Solanki, S; Wenzler, T, et al
21-Sep-2007On model selection forecasting, dark energy and modified gravityHeavens, AF; Kitching, TD; Verde, L
11-Dec-1998The non-linear redshift-space power spectrum of galaxiesHeavens, AF; Matarrese, S; Verde, L
21-Sep-1998Estimating non-Gaussianity in the microwave backgroundHeavens, AF
18-Jan-2018Probing the Baryon Cycle of Galaxies with SPICA Mid- and Far-Infrared ObservationsVan der Tak, FFS; Madden, SC; Roelfsema, P; Armus, L; Baes, M, et al
11-Jul-2004Discovery of a WO star in the Scutum-Crux arm of the inner GalaxyDrew, JE; Barlow, MJ; Unruh, YC; Parker, QA; Wesson, R, et al
21-Oct-2016Grand challenges in protoplanetary disc modellingHaworth, TJ; Ilee, JD; Forgan, DH; Facchini, S; Price, DJ, et al
21-Sep-2018Bayesian bulge-disc decomposition of galaxy imagesArgyle, JJ; Mendez-Abreu, J; Wild, V; Mortlock, DJ