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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Aug-2008Weak gravitational lensingHeavens, A
14-Nov-2008Introducing doubt in Bayesian model comparisonStarkman, GD; Trotta, R; Vaudrevange, PM
20-Apr-2008The nature of star formation in distant ultraluminous infrared galaxies selected in a remarkably narrow redshift rangeFarrah, D; Lonsdale, CJ; Weedman, DW; Spoon, HWW; Rowan-Robinson, M, et al
1-Oct-2008Bayesian selection of sign mu within mSUGRA in global fits including WMAP5 resultsFeroz, F; Allanach, BC; Hobson, M; AbdusSalam, SS; Trotta, R, et al
11-Mar-2008Monolithic or hierarchical star formation? A new statistical analysisKampakoglou, M; Trotta, R; Silk, J
4-Jul-2008Bayes in the sky: Bayesian inference and model selection in cosmologyTrotta, R
1-Jun-2008Cosmology with weak lensing surveysMunshi, D; Valageas, P; van Waerbeke, L; Heavens, A
1-Dec-2008The impact of priors and observables on parameter inferences in the constrained MSSMTrotta, R; Feroz, F; Hobson, M; Roszkowski, L; De Austri, RR
28-Nov-2008On prospects for dark matter indirect detection in the Constrained MSSMRoszkowski, L; Austri, RRD; Silk, J; Trotta, R
15-Mar-2008The UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey and the search for the most distant quasarsMortlock, DJ; Patel, M; Warren, SJ; Venemans, BP; McMahon, RG, et al