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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Dec-2016Planck intermediate results XLVII. Planck constraints on reionization historyAdam, R; Aghanim, N; Ashdown, M; Aumont, J; Baccigalupi, C, et al
12-Dec-2016Planck intermediate results XLIV. Structure of the Galactic magnetic field from dust polarization maps of the southern Galactic capAghanim, N; Alves, MIR; Arzoumanian, D; Aumont, J; Baccigalupi, C, et al
9-Mar-2015Joint Analysis of BICEP2/Keck Array and Planck DataAde, PAR; Aghanim, N; Ahmed, Z; Aikin, RW; Alexander, KD, et al
20-Sep-2016Planck 2015 results XIV. Dark energy and modified gravityAde, PAR; Aghanim, N; Arnaud, M; Ashdown, M; Aumont, J, et al
1-Feb-2018Planck intermediate results XV. A study of anomalous microwave emission in Galactic clouds (vol 565, A103, 2014)Ade, PAR; Aghanim, N; Alves, MIR; Arnaud, M; Atrio-Barandela, F, et al