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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2005Indication for primordial anisotropies in the neutrino background from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and the Sloan digital sky surveyTrotta, R; Melchiorri, A
3-Jul-2012Fundamental statistical limitations of future dark matter direct detection experimentsStrege, C; Trotta, R; Bertone, G; Peter, AHG; Scott, P
4-Jan-2012Global fits of the cMSSM including the first LHC and XENON100 dataBertone, G; Cerdeno, DG; Fornasa, M; Ruiz de Austri, R; Strege, C, et al
3-Jan-2012Dark Matter searches: the nightmare scenarioBertone, G; Cumberbatch, D; Ruiz de Austri, R; Trotta, R
13-Jun-2011Challenges of profile likelihood evaluation in multi-dimensional SUSY scansFeroz, F; Cranmer, K; Hobson, M; Ruiz de Austri, R; Trotta, R
11-Apr-2011Complementarity of dark matter direct detection targetsPato, M; Baudis, L; Bertone, G; Ruiz de Austri, R; Strigari, LE, et al
25-Mar-2011Hunting down the best model of inflation with Bayesian evidenceMartin, J; Ringeval, C; Trotta, R
10-Sep-2010Identification of dark matter particles with LHC and direct detection dataBertone, G; Cerdeno, DG; Fornasa, M; Ruiz de Austri, R; Trotta, R
1-Dec-2008The impact of priors and observables on parameter inferences in the constrained MSSMTrotta, R; Feroz, F; Hobson, M; Roszkowski, L; De Austri, RR
3-May-2006A Markov chain Monte Carlo analysis of the CMSSMDe Austri, RR; Trotta, R; Roszkowski, L