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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Apr-2016Star formation rates in luminous quasars at 2 < z < 3Harris, K; Farrah, D; Schulz, B; Hatziminaoglou, E; Viero, M, et al
11-Jun-2010CMB contraints on primordial non-Gaussianity from the bispectrum (f(NL)) and trispectrum (g(NL) and tau(NL)) and a new consistency test of single-field inflationSmidt, J; Amblard, A; Byrnes, CT; Cooray, A; Heavens, A, et al
30-Dec-2015The HerMES submillimetre local and low-redshift luminosity functionsMarchetti, L; Vaccari, M; Franceschini, A; Arumugam, V; Aussel, H, et al
-The Herschel-SPIRE Legacy Survey (HSLS): the scientific goals of a shallow and wide submillimeter imaging survey with SPIRECooray, A; Eales, S; Chapman, S; Clements, DL; Dore, O, et al
-Exploring Dark Energy with Next-Generation Photometric Redshift SurveysZhan, H; Albrecht, A; Cooray, A; Habib, S; Heavens, A, et al
-The Case for Deep, Wide-Field CosmologyScranton, R; Albrecht, A; Caldwell, R; Cooray, A; Dore, O, et al
18-Apr-2013A dust-obscured massive maximum-starburst galaxy at a redshift of 6.34Riechers, DA; Bradford, CM; Clements, DL; Dowell, CD; Perez-Fournon, I, et al
16-Sep-2016Multi-wavelength lens reconstruction of a Planck and Herschel-detected star-bursting galaxyTimmons, N; Cooray, A; Riechers, DA; Nayyeri, H; Fu, H, et al
1-Mar-2011Probing the first galaxies with the Square Kilometer ArraySantos, MG; Silva, MB; Pritchard, JR; Cen, R; Cooray, A
31-May-2016H-ATLAS: A Candidate High Redshift Cluster/Protocluster of Star-Forming GalaxiesClements, DL; Braglia, F; Petitpas, G; Greenslade, J; Cooray, A, et al