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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2014Planck 2013 results. XVI. Cosmological parametersAde, PAR; Aghanim, N; Armitage-Caplan, C; Arnaud, M; Ashdown, M, et al
10-Apr-2010Mid-infrared spectroscopy of candidate active galactic nuclei-dominated submillimeter galaxiesCoppin, K; Pope, A; Menendez-Delmestre, K; Alexander, DM; Dunlop, JS, et al
1-Sep-2016The star formation rate density from z=1 to 6Rowan-Robinson, M; Oliver, S; Wang, L; Farrah, D; Clements, DL, et al
20-Sep-2016Planck 2015 results X. Diffuse component separation: Foreground mapsAdam, R; Ade, PAR; Aghanim, N; Alves, MIR; Arnaud, M, et al
25-Jul-2016HerMES: a search for high-redshift dusty galaxies in the HerMES Large Mode Survey - catalogue, number counts and early results.Asboth, V; Conley, A; Sayers, J; Bethermin, M; Chapman, SC, et al
14-Jun-2018A dust-enshrouded tidal disruption event with a resolved radio jet in a galaxy mergerMattila, S; PĂ©rez-Torres, M; Efstathiou, A; Mimica, P; Fraser, M, et al
14-Nov-2016Alma observations of ly alpha blob 1: halo superstructure illuminated from within.Geach, JE; Narayanan, D; Matsuda, Y; Hayes, M; Mas-Ribas, L, et al
25-May-2016The dense gas in the largest molecular complexes of the antennae: HCN and HCO+ observations of NGC 4038/39 using ALMASchirm, MRP; Wilson, CD; Madden, SC; Clements, DL
18-Nov-2016The space density of luminous dusty star-forming galaxies at z>4: scuba-2 and laboca imaging of ultrared galaxies from herschel-atlas.Ivison, RJ; Lewis, AJR; Weiss, A; Arumugam, V; Simpson, JM, et al
27-Oct-2016The geometry of the infrared and x-ray obscurer in a dusty hyperluminous quasarFarrah, D; Balokovic, M; Stern, D; Harris, K; Kunimoto, M, et al