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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2016Bayesian analysis of cosmic ray propagation: evidence against homogeneous diffusionJohannesson, G; De Austri, RR; Vincent, AC; Moskalenko, IV; Orlando, E, et al
15-Feb-2011CONSTRAINTS ON COSMIC-RAY PROPAGATION MODELS FROM A GLOBAL BAYESIAN ANALYSISTrotta, R; Johannesson, G; Moskalenko, IV; Porter, TA; De Austri, RR, et al
3-Nov-2016A steeper than linear disk mass-stellar mass scaling relationPascucci, I; Testi, L; Herczeg, GJ; Long, F; Manara, CF, et al
20-Dec-2016HCO+ Detection of dust-depleted gas in the inner hole of the LkCa 15 pre-transitional diskDrabek-Maunder, E; Mohanty, S; Greaves, J; Kamp, I; Meijerink, R, et al
10-Aug-2015Effect of UV radiation on the spectral fingerprints of earth-like planets orbiting M starsRugheimer, S; Kaltenegger, L; Segura, A; Linsky, J; Mohanty, S
20-May-2015Testing model atmospheres for young very-low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in the infrared: evidence for significantly underestimated dust opacitiesTottle, J; Mohanty, S
29-Oct-2009On the nature of the first galaxies selected at 350 μmKhan, SA; Chanial, PF; Willner, SP; Pearson, CP; Ashby, MLN, et al
16-Sep-2016Multi-wavelength lens reconstruction of a Planck and Herschel-detected star-bursting galaxyTimmons, N; Cooray, A; Riechers, DA; Nayyeri, H; Fu, H, et al
3-Aug-2016BAHAMAS: new SNIa analysis reveals inconsistencies with standard cosmologyShariff, H; Jiao, X; Trotta, R; Dyk, DAV
20-Mar-2018An extreme protocluster of luminous dusty starbursts in the early universeOteo, I; Ivison, RJ; Dunne, L; Manilla-Robles, A; Maddox, S, et al