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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2019Machine learning-based rapid response tools for regional air pollution modellingXiao, D; Fang, F; Pain, C; Navon, IM; Zheng, J, et al
1-Jan-2019Numerical simulation of floods from multiple sources using an adaptive anisotropic unstructured mesh methodHu, R; Fang, F; Salinas, P; Pain, C; Sto.Domingo, ND, et al
1-Dec-2019Multi-metal 4D printing with a desktop electrochemical 3D printerChen, X; Liu, X; Ouyang, M; Chen, J; Taiwo, O, et al
15-Jan-2019A reduced order model for turbulent flows in the urban environment using machine learningXiao, D; Heaney, CE; Mottet, L; Fang, F; Lin, W, et al
28-Jun-2019The error in using superposition to estimate pressure during multiā€site subsurface CO 2 storageDe Simone, S; Jackson, SJ; Krevor, S;
1-Dec-2019Temporal sustainability efficiency analysis of urban areas via data envelopment analysis and the hypervolume indicator: Application to London boroughsPozo, C; Limleamthong, P; Guo, Y; Green, T; Shah, N, et al
Dec-2019The trade-off between tidal-turbine array yield and environmental impact: A habitat suitability modelling approachDu Feu, R; Funke, S; Kramer, S; Hill, J; Piggott, M, et al
27-Sep-2019Potential numerical techniques and challenges for atmospheric modelingLi, J; Steppeler, J; Fang, F; Pain, CC; Zhu, J, et al
1-Feb-2019Operando visualisation and multi-scale tomography studies of dendrite formation and dissolution in zinc batteriesYufit, V; Tariq, F; Biton, M; Brandon, N;
30-Oct-2019Determining the effect of pH on iron oxidation kinetics in aquatic environments: exploring a fundamental chemical reaction to grasp the significant ecosystem implications of iron bioavailabilityKirby, ME; Bullen, JC; Hanif, MD; Heiba, HF; Liu, F, et al