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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2006Studies of minor phases in primitive chondrite matrixBloom, JL; Bland, PA; Kearsley, AT; Watt, LE
31-Mar-2001Laboratory capture, isolation and analysis of microparticles in aerogel: Preparation for the return of Stardust.Graham, GA; Butterworth, AL; Burchell, MJ; Kearsley, AT; Creighton, JA, et al
1-Jul-2007A cornucopia of presolar and early solar system materials at the micrometer size range in primitive chondrite matrixBland, PA; Stadermann, FJ; Floss, C; Rost, D; Vicenzi, EP, et al
31-Mar-2005Trace element carrier phases in primitive chondrite matrix: Implications for volatile element fractionation in the inner Solar SystemBland, PA; Rost, D; Vicenzi, EP; Stadermann, FJ; Floss, C, et al
31-Mar-2004Volatile and moderately volatile trace element composition of chondrules and matrix from CM chondrites: Implications for chondrule formation.Bland, PA; Alard, O; Gounelle, M; Benedix, GK; Kearsley, AT, et al
27-Sep-2005Volatile fractionation in the early solar system and chondrule/matrix complementarity.Bland, PA; Alard, O; Benedix, GK; Kearsley, AT; Menzies, ON, et al