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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Sep-2018Imaging and measurement of poreā€scale interfacial curvature to determine capillary pressure simultaneously with relative permeabilityLin, Q; Bijeljic, B; Pini, R; Blunt, MJ; Krevor, SC, et al
10-Apr-2018A Greener Gas Grid: What Are the Options?Speirs, JF; Balcombe, P; Johnson, E; Martin, J; Brandon, N, et al
2-Nov-2016Multiscale description of shale pore systems by scanning SAXS and WAXS microscopyLeu, L; Georgiadis, A; Blunt, MJ; Busch, A; Bertier, P, et al
29-Oct-2019Mechanisms controlling fluid breakup and reconnection during two-phase flow in porous mediaSpurin, C; Bultreys, T; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ; Krevor, S, et al
5-Dec-2017Modelling the impacts of investors' decision making on decarbonisation pathways in industryBudinis, S; Giarola, S; Sachs, J; Hawkes, AD;
12-Jul-2017Agent-based model for energy-related investment decisions in the residential building sectorSachs, J; Giarola, S; Hawkes, AD;
12-Jul-2017Long-term decarbonisation scenarios in the industrial sectorBudinis, S; Giarola, S; Sachs, J; Hawkes, AD;
1-Jan-2017Can carbon capture and storage unlock `unburnable carbon'?Budinis, S; Mac Dowell, N; Krevor, S; Dixon, T; Kemper, J, et al
8-Oct-2019Intermittent fluid connectivity during two-phase flow in a heterogeneous carbonate rockSpurin, C; Bultreys, T; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ; Krevor, S, et al
10-Jun-2019Minimal surfaces in porous media: Pore-scale imaging of multiphase flow in an altered-wettability Bentheimer sandstoneLin, Q; Bijeljic, B; Berg, S; Pini, R; Blunt, MJ, et al