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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Feb-2017Dynamic reservoir-condition microtomography of reactive transport in complex carbonates: effect of initial pore structure and initial brine pHMenke, HP; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, M;
15-Jul-2018A study to investigate viscous coupling effects on the hydraulic conductance of fluid layers in two-phase flow at the pore levelShams, M; Raeini, AQ; Blunt, MJ; Bijeljic, B; , et al
14-Jul-2016Pore-scale dispersion: bridging the gap between microscopic pore structure and the emerging macroscopic transport behaviorMeyer, DW; Bijeljic, B
1-Apr-2019Pore-scale dissolution by CO₂ saturated brine in a multimineral carbonate at reservoir conditions: impact of physical and chemical heterogeneityAl-Khulaifi, Y; Lin, Q; Blunt, MJ; Bijeljic, B
15-Sep-2019A thermodynamically consistent characterization of wettability in porous media using high-resolution imaging.Blunt, MJ; Lin, Q; Akai, T; Bijeljic, B
1-Dec-2019Mechanisms of microscopic displacement during enhanced oil recovery in mixed-wet rocks revealed using direct numerical simulationAkai, T; Alhammadi, AM; Blunt, MJ; Bijeljic, B
29-Oct-2019Mechanisms controlling fluid breakup and reconnection during two-phase flow in porous mediaSpurin, C; Bultreys, T; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ; Krevor, S, et al
1-Aug-2016Observations of 3-D transverse dispersion and dilution in natural consolidated rock by X-ray tomographyBoon, M; Bijeljic, B; Niu, B; Krevor, S;
May-2020Pore-scale X-ray imaging with measurement of relative permeability, capillary pressure and oil recovery in a mixed-wet micro-porous carbonate reservoir rockAlhammadi, AM; Gao, Y; Akai, T; Blunt, MJ; Bijeljic, B, et al
1-May-2019Modelling of multispecies reactive transport on pore-space imagesOliveira, TDS; Blunt, MJ; Bijeljic, B