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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Aug-2016Calculation of pressure- and migration-constrained dynamic CO2 storage capacity of the North Sea Forties and Nelson dome structuresBabaei, M; Govindan, R; Korre, A; Shi, JQ; Durucan, S, et al
31-Dec-2014Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling of Amine Emissions from Post Combustion CO2 Capture TechnologyManzoor, S; Korre, A; Durucan, S; Simperler, A
15-Oct-2014Two phase relative permeabilities for gas and water in selected European coalsDurucan, S; Ahsan, M; Shi, J-Q; Syed, A; Korre, A
4-Jul-2015Seismic monitoring and analysis of excessive gas emissions in heterogeneous coal seamsSi, G; Durucan, S; Jamnikar, S; Lazar, J; Abraham, K, et al
18-Aug-2017Multi-stage Stochastic Optimisation of a CO 2 Transport and Geological Storage in the UKElahi, N; Shah, N; Korre, A; Durucan, S; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), et al
1-Dec-2019History matching and pressure analysis with stress-dependent permeability using the In Salah CO2 storage case studyShi, JQ; Durucan, S; Korre, A; Ringrose, P; Mathieson, A, et al
31-Jan-2019Parametric analysis of slotting operation induced failure zones to stimulate low permeability coal seamsSi, G; Durucan, S; Shi, JQ; Korre, A; Cao, W, et al
2-Nov-2019Numerical modelling of anomalous microseismicity influenced by lithological heterogeneity in longwall top coal caving miningCao, W; Shi, J-Q; Durucan, S; Korre, A; Jamnikar, S, et al
23-Jun-2019Experimental and numerical investigation into hydraulic fracture and natural fracture interaction in shale formationsYildirim, B; Durucan, S; Cao, W; Cai, W; Shi, J, et al
25-Jun-2017Modelling the influence of heterogeneity on microseismic characteristics in longwall coal miningCao, W; Shi, JQ; Durucan, S; Si, G; Korre, A, et al