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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2003Growth of ferrous olivine in the oxidized CV chondrites during a fluid-assisted thermal metamorphism.Krot, AN; Petaev, MI; Bland, PA
31-Mar-2003Trace element variation in carbonaceous chondrite matrix.Bland, PA; Alard, O; Gounelle, M; Rogers, NW
30-Sep-2000A parent body association for the carbonaceous chondrite groups.Bland, PA; Sephton, MA; Young, ED; Hoffman, E; Franchi, IA, et al
1-Aug-2006First light for the desert fireball networkBland, PA; Spurny, P; Bevan, AWR; Towner, MC; McClafferty, T, et al
1-Aug-2006The effects of permeability-driven water transport on the evolution of CM parent bodiesCoker, RF; Cohen, BA; Bland, PA
1-Aug-2006Volatile depletion: Constraints from differentiated meteoritesBland, PA; Benedix, GK
30-Sep-2001The association between organic matter and clay minerals in carbonaceous chondrites.Pearson, VK; Sephton, MA; Bland, PA; Franchi, IA; Gilmour, I
30-Sep-2000Oxygen isotopes in CV carbonaceous chondrites – the significance of the CCAM line.Young, ED; Ash, RD; Russell, SS; Bland, PA
31-Mar-2001Laboratory capture, isolation and analysis of microparticles in aerogel: Preparation for the return of Stardust.Graham, GA; Butterworth, AL; Burchell, MJ; Kearsley, AT; Creighton, JA, et al
31-Mar-2006Numerical modeling for strength estimation of fragmenting meteoroidsNazarova, K; Bland, PA