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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-May-2016Influence of mineralogy on the preservation of amino acids under simulated Mars conditionsDos Santos, R; Patel, M; Cuadros, J; Martins, Z; The Royal Society, et al
1-Jan-2019Holocene uplift and rapid fluvial erosion of Iceland: a record of post-glacial landscape evolutionStucky de Quay, G; Roberts, GG; Rood, DH; Fernandes, VM; The Royal Society
-Taxonomic affinities of the putative titanosaurs from the Late Jurassic Tendaguru Formation of Tanzania: phylogenetic and biogeographic implications for eusauropod dinosaur evolutionMannion, PD; Upchurch, P; Schwarz, D; Wings, O; The Leverhulme Trust, et al
8-Mar-2017Paleomagnetic field reconstruction from mixtures of titanomagnetitesBerndt, T; Ramalho, RS; Valdez-Grijalva, MA; Muxworthy, AR; The Royal Society, et al
24-Jan-2019A turiasaurian sauropod dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Wealden Supergroup of the United KingdomMannion, P; The Royal Society
8-Sep-2015Astrobiology and the Possibility of Life on Earth and Elsewhere. . .Cottin, H; Kotler, JM; Bartik, K; Cleaves, HJ; Cockell, CS, et al
-VIRTUAL PALEONTOLOGY – AN OVERVIEWSutton, MD; Rahman, IA; Garwood, RJ; The Royal Society; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
20-Jun-2017Earth as a tool for astrobiology - A European perspectiveMartins, Z; Cottin, H; Kotler, JM; Carrasco, N; Cockell, C, et al
20-Jun-2017Space as a tool for astrobiology: review and recommendations for experimentations in Earth orbit and beyondCottin, H; Kotler, JM; Billi, D; Cockell, C; Demets, R, et al
24-Jul-2018A new Middle Jurassic diplodocoid suggests an earlier dispersal and diversification of sauropod dinosaursXu, X; Mannion, PD; Upchurch, P; Barrett, P; Regalado-Fernandez, O, et al