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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Apr-2015The chances of detecting life on MarsSephton, MA; Carter, JN
30-Sep-2000A parent body association for the carbonaceous chondrite groups.Bland, PA; Sephton, MA; Young, ED; Hoffman, E; Franchi, IA, et al
15-Aug-2015Organic geochemical characteristics of black shales across the Ordovician-Silurian boundary in the Holy Cross Mountains, Central PolandMustafa, KA; Sephton, MA; Watson, JS; Spathopoulos, F; Krzywiec, P
1-Oct-2015Heat, clay and aromatic units: a mechanism for making macromolecules in the early solar systemWatson, JS; Sephton, MA
1-Feb-2016Rapid habitability assessment of Mars samples by pyrolysis-FTIRGordon, PR; Sephton, MA
24-Feb-2016Single-crystal X-ray diffraction study of synthetic sodium-hydronium jarositeNajorka, J; Lewis, JMT; Spratt, J; Sephton, MA
9-Oct-2015Formation of magnetic minerals in hydrocarbon-generation conditionsAbubakar, R; Muxworthy, AR; Southern, P; Watson, JS; Fraser, AJ, et al
29-Feb-2016Pressure effects in polycyclic aromatic nitrogenated heterocycles (PANHs): Diagnostic qualities and cosmobarometry potentialMontgomery, W; Sephton, MA
30-Sep-2001The association between organic matter and clay minerals in carbonaceous chondrites.Pearson, VK; Sephton, MA; Bland, PA; Franchi, IA; Gilmour, I
23-Jan-2015The Moon as a recorder of organic evolution in the early solar system: a lunar regolith analogue studyMatthewman, R; Court, RW; Crawford, IA; Jones, AP; Joy, KH, et al