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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Dec-2017Determining the three-dimensional geometry of a dike swarm and its impact on later rift geometry using seismic reflection dataPhillips, TB; Magee, C; Jackson, CA-L; Bell, RE; Research Council of Norway
9-Apr-2018Oblique reactivation of lithosphere-scale lineaments controls rift physiography – the upper-crustal expression of the Sorgenfrei–Tornquist Zone, offshore southern NorwayPhillips, T; Jackson, C; Bell, R; Duffy, O; Research Council of Norway
21-Feb-2019Rivers, reefs and deltas: geomorphological evolution of the Jurassic of the Farsund Basin, offshore southern NorwayPhillips, TB; Jackson, C; Bell, RE; Valencia, A; Research Council of Norway
1-Apr-2019Structural architecture and composition of crystalline basement offshore west NorwayLenhart, A; Jackson, C; Bell, RE; Duffy, OB; Gawthorpe, RL, et al
29-Jun-2017Basement structure and its influence on the structural configuration of the northern North SeaFazli Khani, H; Fossen, H; Gawthorpe, RL; Faleide, JL; Bell, RE, et al
7-Aug-2017Pre-existing normal faults have limited control on the rift geometry of the northern North SeaClaringbould, JS; Bell, RE; Jackson, CAL; Gawthorpe, RL; Odinsen, T, et al
29-Aug-2016Reactivation of intrabasement structures during rifting: a case study from offshore southern NorwayPhillips, T; Jackson, CA-L; Bell, RE; Duffy, OD; Fossen, H, et al
15-Aug-2017Influence of fault reactivation during multiphase rifting: The Oseberg area, northern North Sea riftDeng, C; Fossen, H; Gawthorpe, RL; Rotevatn, A; Jackson, CA-L, et al