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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Nov-2015Preimpact porosity controls the gravity signature of lunar cratersMilbury, C; Johnson, BC; Melosh, HJ; Collins, GS; Blair, DM, et al
18-Nov-2016The formation of peak rings in large impact cratersMorgan, JV
16-Sep-2015Continuum-scale characterization of solute transport based on pore-scale velocity distributionsPorta, GM; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ; Guadagnini, A
19-Aug-2016Direct observation of the thermal demagnetization of magnetic vortex structures in non-ideal magnetite recordersAlmeida, TP; Muxworthy, AR; Kovacs, A; Williams, W; Nagy, L, et al
5-Aug-2014Earliest Holocene south Greenland ice sheet retreat within its late Holocene extentCarlson, AE; Winsor, K; Ullman, DJ; Brook, EJ; Rood, DH, et al
3-Feb-2016Linking the morphology of fluvial fan systems to aquifer stratigraphy in the Sutlej-Yamuna plain of northwest IndiaVan Dijk, W; Densmore, A; Singh, A; Sinha, R; Mason, P, et al
8-Nov-2016Post-eruptive flooding of Santorini caldera and implications for tsunami generationNomikou, P; Druitt, TH; Hübscher, C; Mather, TA; Paulatto, M, et al
22-May-2012Limb-bone scaling indicates diverse stance and gait in quadrupedal ornithischian dinosaurs.Maidment, SC; Linton, DH; Upchurch, P; Barrett, PM
11-Jan-2016The effect of Mg location on Co-Mg-Ru/γ-Al2O3 Fischer–Tropsch catalystsGallagher, JR; Boldrin, P; Combes, GB; Ozkaya, D; Enache, DI, et al
19-Sep-2016Subduction geometry beneath south-central Alaska and its relationship to volcanismMartin-Short, R; Allen, R; Bastow, ID