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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2018On the origin of the marine zinc–silicon correlationDe Souza, GF; Khatiwala, SP; Hain, MP; Little, SH; Vance, D, et al
19-Jun-2017Copper isotope signatures in modern marine sedimentsLittle, SH; Vance, D; McManus, J; Severmann, S; Lyons, TW, et al
17-Oct-2016Neodymium in the oceans: a global database, a regional comparison and implications for palaeoceanographic researchVan de Flierdt, T; Griffiths, AM; Lambelet, M; Little, SH; Stichel, T, et al
10-Dec-2018Paired dissolved and particulate phase Cu isotope distributions in the South AtlanticLittle, SH; Archer, C; Milne, A; Schlosser, C; Achterberg, E, et al
1-Sep-2017The oceanic cycles of the transition metals and their isotopesVance, D; Archer, C; Little, SH; Kobberich, M; De Souza, GF, et al
15-Oct-2018Thallium concentration and thallium isotope composition of lateritic terrainsHowarth, S; Prytulak, J; Little, SH; Hammond, SJ; Widdowson, M, et al
5-Feb-2016Key role of continental margin sediments in the oceanic mass balance of Zn and Zn isotopesLittle, SH; Vance, D; McManus, J; Severmann, S; Leverhulme Trust
6-Feb-2017Silicon and zinc biogeochemical cycles coupled through the Southern OceanVance, D; Little, SH; De Souza, GF; Khatiwala, S; Lohan, MC, et al
31-Jul-2019Temporal distribution and diversity of cold-water corals in the southwest Indian Ocean over the past 25,000 yearsPratt, N; Chen, T; Li, T; Wilson, D; Van de Flierdt, T, et al
20-Aug-2018The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017Schlitzer, R; Anderson, RF; Dodas, EM; Lohan, M; Geibert, W, et al