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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Aug-2016A force-balanced control volume finite element method for multi-phase porous media flow modellingGomes, JLMA; Pavlidis, D; Salinas, P; Xie, Z; Percival, JR, et al
20-Mar-2016Zeta potential of intact natural limestone: Impact of potential-determining ions Ca, Mg and SO4Alroudhan, A; Vinogradov, J; Jackson, MD; Total E&P UK Limited
1-Sep-2014Experimental measurements of the SP response to concentration and temperature gradients in sandstones with application to subsurface geophysical monitoringLeinov, E; Jackson, MD
1-Jan-2012Streaming potentials in hydrocarbon reservoir conditionsSaunders, JH; Jackson, MD; Pain, CC; Vinogradov, J
1-Aug-2006Why asteroidal alteration was isochemical: High porosity not equal high permeabilityBland, PA; Jackson, MD; Coker, RF; Cohen, BA; Benedix, GK
1-Oct-2015Interface control volume finite element method for modelling multi-phase fluid flow in highly heterogeneous and fractured reservoirsAbushaikha, AS; Blunt, MJ; Gosselin, OR; Pain, CC; Jackson, MD
7-Mar-2012Streaming-potential coefficient of reservoir rock: A theoretical modelGlover, PWJ; Walker, E; Jackson, MD
16-Jun-2011Self-potential anomalies induced by water injection into hydrocarbon reservoirsGulamali, MY; Leinov, E; Jackson, MD
17-Nov-2016Temperature-dependence of the zeta potential in intact natural carbonatesAl-Mahrouqi; Vinogradov, J; Jackson, MD; Total E&P UK Limited
30-Jun-2015Three-dimensional modeling of clinoforms in shallow-marine reservoirs: Part 2. Impact on fluid flow and hydrocarbon recovery in fluvial-dominated deltaic reservoirsGraham, GH; Jackson, MD; Hampson, GJ