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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2016Towards a sequence stratigraphic solution set for autogenic processes and allogenic controls: Upper Cretaceous strata, Book Cliffs, Utah, USAHampson, GJ
22-Jan-2016Analysis of floodplain sedimentation, avulsion style and channelised fluvial sandbody distribution in an upper coastal plain reservoir: Middle Jurassic Ness Formation, Brent Field, UK North SeaFlood, YS; Hampson, GJ; Hampson, GJ; Reynolds, AD; Kostic, B, et al
25-May-2016Fluvial to tidal transition in proximal, mixed tide-influenced and wave-influenced deltaic deposits: Cretaceous lower Sego Sandstone, Utah, USAVan Cappelle, M; Stukins, S; Hampson, GJ; Johnson, HD; Mohrig, D
5-Feb-2016Facies-to sandbody-scale heterogeneity in a tight-gas fluvial reservoir analog: Blackhawk Formation, Wasatch Plateau, Utah, USASahoo, H; Gani, MR; Hampson, GJ; Gani, ND; Ranson, A, et al
30-May-2016Effective flow properties of heterolithic, cross-bedded tidal sandstones: Part 1. Surface-based modelingMassart, BYG; Jackson, MD; Hampson, GJ; Johnson, HD; Legler, B, et al
12-Feb-2016Effective flow properties of heterolithic, cross-bedded tidal sandstones: Part 2. Flow simulationMassart, BYG; Jackson, MD; Hampson, GJ; Johnson, HD; A/S Norske Shell
8-Jun-2016Deciphering the origin of cyclical gravel front and shoreline progradation and retrogradation in the stratigraphic recordArmitage, JJ; Burgess, PM; Hampson, GJ; Allen, PA
13-May-2016Tectonic controls on the spatial distribution and stratigraphic architecture of a net-transgressive shallow-marine syn-rift succession in a salt-influenced rift basin: Middle-to-Upper Jurassic, Norwegian Central North SeaMannie, AS; Jackson, CA-L; Hampson, GJ; Fraser, AJ; University of Utah
1-Mar-2018Drones in carbonate geology: opportunities and challenges, and application in diagenetic dolomite geobody mappingMadjid, M; Vandeginste, V; Hampson, GJ; Jordan, C; Booth, A
1-Mar-2015Quantitative characterisation of deltaic and subaqueous clinoformsPatruno, S; Hampson, GJ; Jackson, CA-L