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6-Jun-2015Interhemispheric controls on deep ocean circulation and carbon chemistry during the last two glacial cyclesWilson, DJ; Piotrowski, AM; Galy, A; Banakar, VK
18-Nov-2015Preimpact porosity controls the gravity signature of lunar cratersMilbury, C; Johnson, BC; Melosh, HJ; Collins, GS; Blair, DM, et al
16-Sep-2015Continuum-scale characterization of solute transport based on pore-scale velocity distributionsPorta, GM; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ; Guadagnini, A
30-Dec-2015Near-exponential relationship between effective stress and permeability of porous rocks revealed in Gangi's phenomenological models and application to gas shalesShi, J-Q; Durucan, S
24-Mar-2016Towards a sequence stratigraphic solution set for autogenic processes and allogenic controls: Upper Cretaceous strata, Book Cliffs, Utah, USAHampson, GJ
4-Apr-2015Effects of brine chemistry and polymorphism on clumped isotopes revealed by laboratory precipitation of mono- and multiphase calcium carbonatesKluge, T; John, CM
25-May-2016Fluvial to tidal transition in proximal, mixed tide-influenced and wave-influenced deltaic deposits: Cretaceous lower Sego Sandstone, Utah, USAVan Cappelle, M; Stukins, S; Hampson, GJ; Johnson, HD
3-Feb-2017Dating Icelandic glacial floods using a new viscous remanent magnetization protocolBerndt, T; Muxworthy, AR
19-Oct-2015Detailed 3-D depositional architecture of Late Jurassic carbonate-anhydrite cycles (Brightling Mine, Weald Basin, UK)Abbott, SS; John, CM; Fraser, AJ
3-Feb-2016Linking the morphology of fluvial fan systems to aquifer stratigraphy in the Sutlej-Yamuna plain of northwest IndiaVan Dijk, W; Densmore, A; Singh, A; Sinha, R; Mason, P, et al