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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Dec-2015Near-exponential relationship between effective stress and permeability of porous rocks revealed in Gangi's phenomenological models and application to gas shalesShi, J-Q; Durucan, S
2-Aug-2016Real-time monitoring of proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack failureWu, B; Parkes, MP; De Benedetti, L; Marquis, AJ; Offer, GJ, et al
1-Dec-2016Adaptive mesh optimization for simulation of immiscible viscous fingeringMostaghimi, P; Kamali, F; Jackson, MD; Muggeridge, AH; Pain, CC
13-Aug-2015Risk Assessment-Led Characterisation of the SiteChar UK North Sea Site for the Geological Storage of CO2Akhurst, M; Hannis, SD; Quinn, MF; Shi, JQ; Koenen, M, et al
14-Oct-2014Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Simulations of CO2 Storage Supported by Pressure Management Demonstrate Synergy Benefits from Simultaneous Formation Fluid ExtractionKempka, T; Nielsen, CM; Frykman, P; Shi, JQ; Bacci, G, et al
1-Dec-2015Study of Loss Mechanisms Using Half-Cell Measurements in a Regenerative Hydrogen Vanadium Fuel CellDewage, HH; Yufit, V; Brandon, NP
5-Oct-2016Validation of a physically-based solid oxide fuel cell anode model combining 3D tomography and impedance spectroscopyBertei, A; Ruiz-Trejo, E; Tariq, F; Yufit, V; Atkinson, A, et al
22-Jul-2015Development of a life cycle assessment tool for the assessment of food production systems within the energy, water and food nexusAl-Ansari, T; Korre, A; Nie, Z; Shah, N
30-Jun-2015Three-dimensional modeling of clinoforms in shallow-marine reservoirs: Part 1. Concepts and applicationGraham, GH; Jackson, MD; Hampson, GJ
30-Jun-2015Three-dimensional modeling of clinoforms in shallow-marine reservoirs: Part 2. Impact on fluid flow and hydrocarbon recovery in fluvial-dominated deltaic reservoirsGraham, GH; Jackson, MD; Hampson, GJ