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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Oct-2016Hidden Secrets Of Deformation: Impact-Induced Compaction Within A CV ChondriteForman, LV; Bland, PA; Timms, NE; Collins, GS; Davison, TM, et al
31-Jul-2002A continuum of aqueous alteration in the carbonaceous chondrites.Bland, PA; Cressey, G; Menzies, ON
30-Sep-2001The Rio Cuarto crater field re-visited: remote sensing imagery analysis and new field observations.Bland, PA; De Souza Filho, CR; Hough, RM; Pierazzo, E; Coniglio, J, et al
1-Aug-2006The effects of permeability-driven water transport on the evolution of CM parent bodiesCoker, RF; Cohen, BA; Bland, PA
31-Mar-2006Studies of minor phases in primitive chondrite matrixBloom, JL; Bland, PA; Kearsley, AT; Watt, LE
1-Aug-2004Automatic crater detection using DEM and circular coherency analysis - A case study on South American cratersPortugal, RS; de Souza Filho, CR; Bland, PA
1-Aug-2006Volatile depletion: Constraints from differentiated meteoritesBland, PA; Benedix, GK
1-Sep-2005Chondrites from the Atacama DesertValenzuela, EM; Bland, PA; Russell, SS; Roeschmann, C; Morata, D
31-Mar-2006Chondrule olivine: Relationship between structure and composition using synchrotron X-ray Laue microdiffractionButterworth, AL; Benedix, GK; Tamura, N; Menzies, ON; Bland, PA
1-Apr-2006The rate of small impacts on EarthBland, PA; Artemieva, NA