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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2008Crustal tomographic imaging of a transitional continental rift: the Ethiopian riftDaly, E; Keir, D; Ebinger, CJ; Stuart, GW; Bastow, ID, et al
28-Sep-2017From Relative to Absolute Teleseismic Travel Times: The Absolute Arrival‐Time Recovery Method (AARM)Boyce, A; Bastow, ID; Rondenay, S; Van der Hilst, RD; The Leverhulme Trust, et al
26-Oct-2016Characterizing Broadband Seismic Noise in Central LondonGreen, DN; Bastow, ID; Dashwood, B; Nippress, SEJ; The Leverhulme Trust
11-Dec-2015Variability and origin of seismic anisotropy across eastern Canada: evidence from shear-wave splitting measurementsBastow, ID; Darbyshire, FA; Forte, AM; HIbbs, TE; Calvel, A, et al
29-Jul-2015CAN‐HK: An a Priori Crustal Model for the Canadian ShieldThompson, DA; Kendall, JM; Helffrich, GR; Bastow, ID; Wookey, J, et al
15-Mar-2017Structure and dynamics of surface uplift induced by incremental sill emplacementMagee, C; Bastow, ID; Van Wyk de Vries, B; Jackson, CA-L; Hetherington, R, et al
13-May-2017Seismic anisotropy of Precambrian lithosphere: insights from Rayleigh wave tomography of the eastern Superior cratonPetrescu, L; Darbyshire, FA; Bastow, ID; Totten, E; Gilligan, A, et al
2-Nov-2015Mantle flow geometry from ridge to trench beneath the Gorda-Juan de Fuca plate systemMartin-Short, R; Allen, R; Bastow, ID; Totten, E; Richards, M, et al
1-Mar-2015The origin of along-rift variations in faulting and magmatism in the Ethiopian RiftKeir, D; Bastow, ID; Corti, G; Mazzarini, F; Rooney, TO
1-Feb-2018Control of pre-rift lithospheric structure on the architecture and evolution of continental rifts: insights from the main Ethiopian rift, East AfricaCorti, G; Molin, P; Sembroni, A; Bastow, ID; Keir, D