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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-May-2016Harnessing the versatility of bacterial collagen to improve the chondrogenic potential of porous collagen scaffoldsStevens, MM; Parmar, P; St-Pierre, J; Chow, L; Puetzer, J, et al
16-Nov-2016Raman spectroscopy reveals new insights into the zonal organization of native and tissue-engineered articular cartilageBergholt, M; St-Pierre, J; Offeddu, G; Parmar, P; Albro, M, et al
1-Sep-2018Glycosylated superparamagnetic nanoparticle gradients for osteochondral tissue engineeringLi, C; Armstrong, J; Pence, I; Kit-Anan, W; Puetzer, J, et al
24-May-2018Auxetic cardiac patches with tunable mechanical and conductive properties toward treating myocardial infarctionKapnisi, M; Mansfield, C; Marijon, C; Guex, AG; Perbellini, F, et al
21-Sep-2018Elastic serum-albumin based hydrogels: mechanism of formation and application in cardiac tissue engineeringAmdursky, N; Mazo, M; Thomas, MR; Humphrey, E; Puetzer, J, et al