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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-2017Pine mycorrhizal communities in pure and mixed pine-oak forests: Abiotic environment trumps neighboring oak host effectsSuz, LM; Kallow, S; Reed, K; Bidartondo, MI; Barsoum, N, et al
26-Oct-2017Ecology of Alpine Macrofungi - Combining Historical with Recent DataBrunner, I; Frey, B; Hartmann, M; Zimmermann, S; Graf, F, et al
22-Jan-2015Monitoring ectomycorrhizal fungi at large scales for science, forest management, fungal conservation and environmental policySuz, LM; Barsoum, N; Benham, S; Cheffings, C; Cox, F, et al
22-Jun-2015Symbiotic options for the conquest of landField, KJ; Pressel, S; Duckett, JG; Rimington, WR; Bidartondo, MI, et al
18-Dec-2015Similar biodiversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi in set-aside plantations and ancient old-growth broadleaved forestsSpake, R; Van der Linde, S; Newton, AC; Suz, LM; Bidartondo, MI, et al
20-Jul-2017Exploiting mycorrhizas in broad daylight: Partial mycoheterotrophy is a common nutritional strategy in meadow orchidsSchiebold, JM-I; Bidartondo, MI; Lenhard, F; Makiola, A; Gebauer, G, et al
28-Dec-2017A mycorrhizal revolution.Hoysted, GA; Kowal, J; Jacob, A; Rimington, WR; Duckett, JG, et al
10-Oct-2018Ancient plants with ancient fungi: liverworts associate with early-diverging arbuscular mycorrhizal fungiBidartondo, MI; Rimington, W; Pressel, S; Duckett, J; Field, KJ, et al
28-Mar-2019Functional complementarity of ancient plant-fungal mutualisms: contrasting nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon exchanges between Mucoromycotina and Glomeromycotina fungal symbionts of liverworts.Field, KJ; Bidartondo, MI; Rimington, WR; Hoysted, GA; Beerling, DJ, et al
22-Feb-2017You are what you get from your fungi: nitrogen stable isotope patterns in Epipactis speciesSchiebold, JM-I; Bidartondo, MI; Karasch, P; Gravendeel, B; Gebauer, G, et al