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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Sep-2017Environmentally and behaviourally mediated co-occurrence of functional traits in bird communities of tropical forest fragmentsUlrich, W; Banks-Leite, C; De Coster, G; Habel, JC; Matheve, H, et al
30-Oct-2017Trait-based indicators of bird species sensitivity to habitat loss are effective within but not across datasets.Hatfield, JH; Orme, CDL; Tobias, JA; Banks-Leite, C; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
10-Nov-2018Using functional connectivity to predict potential meta-population sizes in the Brazilian Atlantic ForestHatfield, JH; Orme, CDL; Banks-Leite, C; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
30-Jun-2018Functional diversity metrics: how they are affected by landscape change and how they represent ecosystem functioning in the tropicsHatfield, JH; Harrison, MLK; Banks-Leite, C; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
1-Nov-2017Creation of forest edges has a global impact on forest vertebratesPfeifer, M; Lefebvre, V; Peres, CA; Banks-Leite, C; Wearn, OR, et al
16-Jul-2019Area and edge effects are mediated by adjacent land use in fragmented tropical forestHatfield, J; Barlow, J; Joly, CA; Lees, AC; Parruco, CF, et al
6-May-2019Distance to range edge determines sensitivity to deforestationOrme, D; Mayor, S; Dos Anjos, L; Develey, P; Hatfield, J, et al
8-Nov-2019Relationship between conservation biology and ecology shown through machine reading of 32,000 articlesHintzen, RE; Papadopoulou, M; Mounce, R; Banks-Leite, C; Holt, RD, et al