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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Mar-2017Next-generation global biomonitoring: large-scale, automated reconstruction of ecological networksBohan, D; Dumbrell, A; Raybould, A; Vacher, C; Tammadoni-Nezhad, A, et al
29-Dec-2017Metabarcoding of freshwater invertebrates to detect the effects of a pesticide spillAndujar, C; Arribas, P; Gray, C; Bruce, C; Woodward, G, et al
25-Apr-2016The effects of climatic fluctuations and extreme events on running water ecosystemsWoodward, G; Bonada, N; Brown, LE; Death, RG; Durance, I, et al
2-Jun-2014Climate change and geothermal ecosystems: natural laboratories, sentinel systems, and future refugiaO'Gorman, EJ; Benstead, JP; Cross, WF; Friberg, N; Hood, JM, et al
10-Sep-2015Coupling virtual watersheds with ecosystem services assessment: a 21st century platform to support river research and managementBarquín, J; Benda, LE; Villa, F; Brown, LE; Bonada, N, et al
17-Dec-2015Five years of experimental warming increases the biodiversity and productivity of phytoplanktonYvon-Durocher, G; Allen, AP; Cellamare, M; Dossena, M; Gaston, KJ, et al
3-Mar-2016Temperature effects on fish production across a natural thermal gradientO'Gorman, EJ; Ólafsson, Ó; Demars, BOL; Friberg, N; Guðbergsson, G, et al
24-Sep-2015Gene-to-ecosystem impacts of a catastrophic pesticide spill: testing a multilevel bioassessment approach in a river ecosystemGray, CE; Thompson, M; Bankier, C; Bell, T; Dumbrell, A, et al
24-Sep-2016Chapter twelve - recommendations for the next generation of global freshwater biological monitoring toolsJackson, M; Weyl, O; Altermatt, F; Durance, I; Friberg, N, et al
9-Jan-2016Networking our way to better ecosystem service provisionGill, RJ; Woodward, G; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC); Natural Environment Research Council (NERC); Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)