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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2018Broadband tunable THz absorption with singular graphene metasurfacesGaliffi, E; Pendry, JB; Huidobro, PA; Commission of the European Communities; Commission of the European Communities, et al
5-Jun-2018Tensor network states in time-bin quantum opticsLubasch, M; Valido, AA; Renema, JJ; Kolthammer, WS; Jaksch, D, et al
29-Oct-2018Experimental quantum fast hitting on hexagonal graphsTang, H; Di Franco, C; Shi, ZY; He, TS; Feng, Z, et al
21-Dec-2018Computationally-Inspired Discovery of an Unsymmetrical Porous Organic CageBerardo, E; Greenaway, R; Turcani, L; Alston, B; Bennison, M, et al
12-Apr-2018Clock-Work Trade-Off Relation for Coherence in Quantum ThermodynamicsKwon, H; Jeong, H; Jennings, D; Yadin, B; Kim, MS, et al
9-Mar-2018Optical nonclassicality test based on third-order intensity correlationsRigovacca, L; Kolthammer, WS; Franco, CD; Kim, MS; Commission of the European Communities, et al
31-Dec-2018Operational resource theory of continuous-variable nonclassicalityYadin, B; Binder, FC; Thompson, J; Narasimhachar, V; Gu, M, et al
13-Apr-2018Highly chemoselective NH- and O-transfer to thiols using hypervalent iodine reagents: synthesis of sulfonimidates and sulfonamidesTota, A; St John-Campbell, S; Briggs, E; Ogalla Estévez, G; Afonso, M, et al
1-Jun-2018Mid-infrared imaging in breast cancer tissue: an objective measure of grading breast cancer biopsiesAmrania, H; Woodley-Barker, L; Goddard, K; Rosales, B; Shousha, S, et al
24-Jan-2018Versatile relative entropy bounds for quantum networksRigovacca, L; Kato, G; Bauml, S; Kim, MS; Munro, WJ, et al