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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2018Post-polymerisation functionalisation of conjugated polymer backbones and its application in multi-functional emissive nanoparticlesHeeney, MJ; Creamer, A; Wood, C; Howes, P; Casey, A, et al
26-Feb-2019Residue-specific solvation directed thermodynamic and kinetic control over peptide self-assembly with 1D/2D structure selectionLin, Y; Penna, M; Thomas, MR; Wojciechowski, J; Leonardo, V, et al
26-Mar-2019Nanoneedle-mediated stimulation of cell mechanotransduction machineryHansel, C; Crowder, S; Cooper, S; Gopal, S; Pardelha da Cruz, J, et al
21-Feb-2019Spatiotemporal quantification of acoustic cell patterning using Voronoi TessellationArmstrong, J; Maynard, S; Pence, I; Franklin, AC; Drinkwater, BW, et al
28-Jan-2019Activatable cell-biomaterial interfacing with photo-caged peptidesLin, Y; Mazo, M; Skaalure, S; Thomas, MR; Schultz, SR, et al
26-Dec-2018Surface dynamics and ligand-core interactions of quantum sized photoluminescent gold nanoclustersLin, Y; Charchar, P; Christofferson, AJ; Thomas, MR; Todorova, N, et al
19-Jun-2019Rolling circle transcription-amplified hierarchically structured organic-inorganic hybrid RNA flowers for enzyme immobilizationWang, Y; Kim, E; Lin, Y; Kim, N; Kit-Anan, W, et al
13-Jun-2019Immunogold FIB-SEM: combining volumetric ultrastructure visualization with 3D biomolecular analysis to dissect cell-environment interactionsGopal, S; Chiappini, C; Armstrong, J; Chen, Q; Serio, A, et al
6-Aug-2019Advances in high-resolution microscopy for the study of intracellular interactions with biomaterialsHansel, C; Holme, M; Gopal, S; Stevens, M; Medical Research Council (MRC), et al
-In vivo biocompatibility and immunogenicity of metal-phenolic gelationBjornmalm, A; Wong, LM; Wojciechowski, J; Penders, J; Horgan, C, et al