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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2017HIV-1 full-genome phylogenetics of generalized epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa: impact of missing nucleotide characters in next-generation sequencesRatmann, O; Wymant, C; Colijn, C; Danaviah, S; Essex, M, et al
27-Dec-2017Impact of mosquito gene drive on malaria elimination in a computational model with explicit spatial and temporal dynamicsEckhoff, PA; Wenger, EA; Godfray, HC; Burt, A; The Royal Society, et al
31-Dec-2017Editorial: gene drive for vector controlBurt, A; Crisanti, A; The Royal Society; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Silicon Valley Community Foundation
21-Nov-2017The US President's Malaria Initiative, Plasmodium falciparum transmission and mortality: A modelling studyWinskill, P; Slater, H; Griffin, J; Ghani, A; Walker, P, et al
23-Nov-2017PHYLOSCANNER: inferring transmission from within- and between-host pathogen genetic diversityWymant, C; Hall, M; Ratmann, O; Bonsall, D; Golubchik, T, et al
17-May-2017Hundreds of dual-stage antimalarial molecules discovered by a functional gametocyte screenMiguel-Blanco, C; Molina, I; Bardera, AI; Diaz, B; De las Heras, L, et al
5-Dec-2017Targeting the Conserved Fusion Loop of HAP2 Inhibits the Transmission of Plasmodium berghei and falciparumAngrisano, A; Sala, KA; Da, DF; Yanjie, L; Pei, J, et al
3-Oct-2017Improved algorithmic complexity for the 3SEQ recombination detection algorithmRatmann, O; Ha Minh Lam; Boni, MF; Medical Research Council (MRC); Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
26-May-2017Role of mass drug administration in elimination of Plasmodium falciparum malaria: a consensus modelling studyBrady, OJ; Slater, HC; Pemberton-Ross, P; Wenger, E; Maude, RJ, et al
30-Mar-2017Requirements for Driving Anti-pathogen Effector Genes into Populations of Disease Vectors by HomingBeaghton, AK; Hammond, A; Nolan, TONY; Crisanti, A; Godfray, H, et al