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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2007Progression of Plasmodium berghei through Anopheles stephensi is density-dependentSinden, RE; Dawes, EJ; Alavi, Y; Waldock, J; Finney, O, et al
18-Feb-2009The type VI secretion system: a tubular storyFilloux, A; Medical Research Council (MRC)
6-Nov-2009The Citrobacter rodentium Genome Sequence Reveals Convergent Evolution with Human Pathogenic Escherichia coliPetty, NK; Bulgin, R; Crepin, VF; Cerdeno-Tarraga, AM; Schroeder, GN, et al
1-Jun-2008The bacterial type VI secretion machine: yet another player for protein transport across membranesFilloux, A; Hachani, A; Bleves, S; Medical Research Council (MRC)
23-Jan-2009Nuclear envelope remnants: fluid membranes enriched in STEROLS and polyphosphoinositidesGarnier-Lhomme, M; Byrne, RD; Hobday, TMC; Gschmeissner, S; Woscholski, R, et al
1-Jul-2009Construction and functional analyses of a comprehensive Sigma(54) site-directed mutant library using alanine-cysteine mutagenesisXiao, Y; Wigneshweraraj, SR; Weinzierl, R; Wang, Y-P; Buck, M, et al
1-Sep-2007Homing endonuclease mediated gene targeting in Anopheles gambiae cells and embryosWindbichler, N; Papathanos, PA; Catteruccia, F; Ranson, H; Burt, A, et al