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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-May-2008Splenomegaly and modified erythropoiesis in KLF13(-/-) miceGordon, AR; Outram, SV; Keramatipour, M; Goddard, CA; Colledge, WH, et al
1-Mar-2008ConFunc - functional annotation in the twilight zoneWass, MN; Sternberg, MJE
1-Apr-2008GlycoWorkbench: A tool for the computer-assisted annotation of mass spectra of GlycansCeroni, A; Maass, K; Geyer, H; Geyer, R; Dell, A, et al
10-Oct-2008Large-scale functional expression of WT and truncated human adenosine A(2A) receptor in Pichia pastoris bioreactor culturesSingh, S; Gras, A; Fiez-Vandal, C; Ruprecht, J; Rana, R, et al
1-Jun-2008Structural analysis reveals conformational plasticity in the recognition of RNA 3 ' ends by the human La proteinKotik-Kogan, O; Valentine, ER; Sanfelice, D; Conte, MR; Curry, S
1-May-2008Resource heterogeneity moderates the biodiversity-function relationship in real world ecosystemsTylianakis, JM; Rand, TA; Kahmen, A; Klein, A-M; Buchmann, N, et al
31-Jan-2008Bridge helix and trigger loop perturbations generate superactive RNA polymerases.Tan, L; Wiesler, S; Trzaska, D; Carney, HC; Weinzierl, RO
1-Mar-2008A malaria parasite formin regulates actin polymerization and localizes to the parasite-erythrocyte moving junction during invasionBaum, J; Tonkin, CJ; Paul, AS; Rug, M; Smith, BJ, et al
17-Apr-2008Evolvability and hierarchy in rewired bacterial gene networksIsalan, M; Lemerle, C; Michalodimitrakis, K; Horn, C; Beltrao, P, et al
31-Jan-2008The genetic structure of Pacific Islanders.Friedlaender, JS; Friedlaender, FR; Reed, FA; Kidd, KK; Kidd, JR, et al